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Architectural Review Committee
The Architectural Review Committee is comprised of 5 residents of Almadale Farms who have generously volunteered their time to serve on this committee.  The job of the Architectural Review Committee is stated in the Almadale Farms Restrictive Covenants in Article VII, Section 2.
If a resident has plans to make any changes to his property, an Architectural Change Application can be obtained from Daphne at the clubhouse, or downloaded from this site. Each resident is also given a copy of the Almadale Farms Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions upon moving into the neighborhood, along with a copy of the fence requirements.
Presently the Architectural Review Committee meets twice per month to review applications. Given the volunteers schedules,the ARC members are unable to commit to the same days each month. Homeowners will be notified in writing 30 days or less after each application is reviewed.

Download Architectural Change Form & Checklist

To email the Architectural Review Committe click here

Homeowners should also be aware of the compliance issues listed below.  Every home in Almadale Farms must be in compliance:
  1. Two Trees: Two living deciduous tress should be in every front yard. This is a Collierville Town ordinance.
  2. MLGW Green Box: Must be screened with living shrubs and/or small fence on all sides so it is not visible from the street.
  3. Utility  Meters: (gas/electric) need to be either screened with fence, greenery or painted to match the brick or trim.
  4. Mailbox: Should be in working order with standardized numbers on sides and have a functioning flag.
  5. Lamp Posts: Bulbs and senors should be in working order. 
  6. Brick Column: On fences  required  at 90 degree corners that have street exposure.
  7. Lawn Care: Grass and vegetation must be kept maintained in a neat and attractive manner.
  8. Garbage Cans: Must not be visible from the street.
  9. Misc: Inoperable vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, trash, building materials, garden implements, etc. must be concealed from view of the street.
  10. Satellite Dishes: Should be hidden from street elevations.
  11. Play equipment: Requires an Architectural Change Application before installation.
If there is ever any doubt, please check out the Almadale Farms Architectural Change Application above. It has a checklist attached that will give explicit information concerning most architectural changes.