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Architectural Review Committee
The purpose of the ARC is to review plans that include but are not limited to structural additions, significant changes to exterior appearance and property (e.g. paint colors, fencing, pool installations, patios, major landscaping changes, etc.). Article VII of our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) provides additional information.

To serve our homeowners on a timely basis the ARC will meet the first and third week of EACH month beginning April 2 to review all requests. An Architectural Change Application needs to be completed for all requests. Both a form and checklist are available to download. Completed forms should be submitted to Daphne to be time stamped.

It’s in your best interest to ensure the strongest possible property values in our Almadale Farms community. The ARC is here to help you through the process of ensuring changes and modifications are in keeping with our CCRs. In doing so, we will continue to have an excellent reputation as a very desirable community with outstanding “curb appeal.” This goes a long way in protecting our property values.


FYI on Lamp Posts
All decorative light posts on the property of each homeowner
are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair. These fixtures are quite pricey, so regular inspection for stability can prevent potentially harmful accidents and/or expensive repairs or replacement.

Town of Collierville
Greenbelt Master Plan

Collierville’s Greenbelt System is designed to enhance & protect the natural environment of Collierville. The completed design will have over 60-miles of trails and sidewalks connecting parks, schools, neighborhoods and commercial districts. Three major components of system as seen on the map are Regional Trails, Local Trails & Sidewalk Connections