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1.  Remember that it's only a letter. The Association hasn't asked you to do anything extraordinary. It only has responsibility to enforce the restrictions as stated in the governing documents and any rules the Board of Directors has authority to make.


2.  No one has singled you out. In fact, it's likely that anywhere from a half dozen to up to fifty letters were sent to others for whatever violation you've been cited for.


3.  Don't drive the neighborhood looking for problems like yours to try to make your point. This is a waste of time. What your neighbor does or doesn't do had nothing to do with the letter you received. He likely got one, too. In fact, he may be farther ahead in the enforcement process than you are.


4.  Problems are solved one at a time. If you correct your violation the board can close the matter regarding you. It may have to continue with enforcement on your neighbor, but that's the board's problem. Your responsibility is to correct your problem.


5.  Don't write letters of outrage. If you feel you have been misjudged or the violation simply doesn't exist at your residence write a letter telling us about it. We can verify it, and you will have our utmost respect for handling the letter professionally and with style. Angry letters always make things worse.


6.  Most reasonable people acknowledge that the violation exists. We like reasonable people. They make the job so much easier and the outcome friendly and productive. If the conditions were corrected the day before you go the letter, forget about it. It's yesterday's news. If the condition still exists you have a responsibility to correct the problem.


7.  Violations are defined in the governing documents and in the rules and are what any reasonable and prudent person would see if they looked at your property. Site inspections and the follow up take a lot of time. A letter is sent only when a violation is perceived to occur. Generally, there is consensus by the board members that a violation exists and that a letter is to be sent.


8.  Most violations have a time frame for correction called out in the letter. Boats in the front yard require immediate removal. Garbage cans in view of the street can be easily moved the day you receive the letter. If your house needs to be painted you can't do that right away, but you can respond to the letter with your plans for painting and that usually is a 30-45 day event. Bottom line is that the Association intentionally makes no unreasonable requirements. What becomes unreasonable is ignoring the letter and pretending the rules don't apply to you. They do. Legally.


9.  Your response shouldn't add to the problem. Calling a board member and debating the letter for twenty minutes on the phone won't make the violation go away. Any communication you have to the board should be in writing or via e-mail.


10.  Pick your battles. Living in an Association gives you great benenfits and responsiblities. You also have rights. If you have been unfairly treated in some way make extra effort to let the Association know how. Put it in writing. Our goal and job is to protect people and property. And people come first. You have just as much access to protection by the community as you do accountability to it. Just make the right choice about what you do and don't undertake as a battle. It's easier in most cases to correct the violation.